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Earth's Problems

Environmental Problems
Human Caused Problems

This site is here in order to inform people about the horrible condition of our Earth. There are many different things that have been contributing to these problems, and there are many ways to help keep the Earth from getting any worse.


A problems paper that I wrote
My father is a fishing and duck hunting guide so I have been around animals for my entire life. I have always had a love for the fishing and hunting but I also enjoy just being out in nature. There have been a lot of changes that have taken place in this area in the 18 years that I have been here, and these changes have caused many of the animals that I grew up around to not have the same abundance that they used to. My father will tell me stories of duck hunting and hardly being able to see the sky because of the number of birds, this has caused me to see exactly what has happened to all of the animals that used to be so prevalent around this area.

There are a large amount of reasons that these birds have moved to a different area are because of humans disturbing their habitat. In Australia, there was a habitat that was set up specifically for the preservation of animals, and they then let a chemical storage plant be built near it. This caused many of the animals that lived in that habitat to move elsewhere or die. This has happened all around our world and this is a making many of the animals that depend on a specific habitat to change their way of life. People inhabiting the previously uninhabited area of northern Canada are also causing many animals to move or die because they are changing their areas for feeding and nesting. The exact same thing is happening in Europe. There are a large amount of uninhabited lakes that the specific birds call home. They use these lakes because they will only nest and feed away from people, but there are now people moving to these lakes and changing the area so that the birds no longer have a place where they can survive. This is just another way that people are changing the environment and making it harder for the animals that are native to a specific area to survive. Many of these birds have found home in other areas, some in refuges, but these areas are also being harmed by humans. Many of the refuges that are set aside for the protection of our natural animals are being harmed by pollution in the water, and then also by the flooding of saltwater marshes caused by rising seas. This is terrible because we have already been taking the animals natural homes, causing them to move to a new location, but we are also harming them by polluting the waters The Reddish Egret is a bird that has always called the gulf coast home. They have been put on the endangered species list because they no longer have a habitat that they can feed, nest, and mate in. This has been caused all because of their habitat being affected by the pollution of humans getting in the water. This polluted water is rising up to where the animals are living and ruining their habitat.

“The survival of many once-common birds is threatened by the continual loss of their critical habitats." This means that many of the birds that have specific needs in order to survive are dieing off. Human inhabitation has caused Eurasian black vulture to change the way that it is used to living in order to survive. Many of the native birds of Florida are also being affected by humans moving in. In Maryland, nearly all of the native birds have moved away from humanity to a wetland that was set up for them just outside of the city. A study was performed on a group of 114 islands in the Finnish Quark to see what changes would happen in bird diversity. The first study was performed from 1957-60 and then a second study was preformed in 1991. The results from the two studies were compared and it was found that total bird count and bird diversity had dropped significantly. Much of this drop in birds was caused by humans moving to where there had previously not been humans living. This is also true with all animals around the world. There is a type of monkey that lives in the forests of china that is in danger of being extinct if something isn’t done to help save them. They rely on thick forest in the winter and spring for their survival; they use this area for breeding and raising their young. And then they rely on thinner forest and grasslands in the summer for feeding. The Chinese government nearly killed them all off by cutting down whole areas of trees instead of selectively cutting. A group of people was concerned when the numbers of these monkeys began to drop and they got the government to have regulations on what trees could be cut down and when they could be cut.

The best way to save all of these animals is to know what conditions they need in order to survive, and then having an area set up for them to call home. Wetlands are needed in order to help many species survive. A wetland is an area that has a constant flow of water near it, has a diverse amount of vegetation and is used by different types of animals for their survival. Wetlands aren’t only important to animals though, they are also important for humans. There is a large amount of contaminants in the water, and wetlands are known to act as biological filter in the water by taking out a lot of the contaminants. This cleans our water and helps get a large amount of the bacteria out, helping more people keep from getting sick and slowing the spread of many diseases. In my opinion, we need to have more wetlands for the immediate survival of our animals, and for the continued survival of all humanity.


A solutions paper that I also wrote
There is a large amount of animals that are suffering due to humans. Pollution, rising waters, and loss of their natural land are problems caused by humans that harm many animals. The animals lose their homes directly when humans move to where they are native to, and change the landscape to where they cannot live there anymore. The animals also lose their homes when humans cut down their homes for farming land or lumber. The worst problem is how human pollution indirectly affects the animals, it ruins their habitat and then it kills the animals before their time. These animals are having a large amount of trouble in trying to adapt to a world that is constantly being changed by humans.

Humans have basically covered the planet, they have changed every piece of it, and there really isn’t anything natural left. The world is completely different than it was even 100 years ago, due to what humans, and the technology that we have created, have done to our earth. This has a bad influence on the animals of earth and many of them suffer due to us. Manatees in Florida have no protection from the humans that are boating, surfing, snorkeling, and other leisure activities that humans do. They are hit by props from boats and fins on surfboards or wakeboards, and can also be hurt by many other things. These manatees use a refuge set up specifically for them when ever humans begin to populate the waters that they normally live in, this refuge gives them a place where all of their needs are fulfilled and where they can stay away from humans. Mowing and flooding of the Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico has impacted the native Chufa. The plants all have trouble surviving after mowing or flooding, and this causes the animals to suffer. There are also animals that can adapt to the humans environment, the Key Deer that inhabit the Florida Keys have been losing their native homes to people due to the fact that people are now taking over the previously uninhabited islands of the keys. These Deer seem to be very smart and have adapted to the urban environment by eating the natural vegetation that still exists inside of town. This shows that animals can adapt to humans because even when the humans hand feed the deer illegally, they still continue to rely mainly on vegetation that is growing around the town for food.

The native birds of Hawaii were severely affected by humans moving onto their native land, and in order to save them, the people have had to help out. The use of many wildlife refuges throughout the islands are helping the birds survive by giving them a natural home to feed, breed, and nest. The Seaside Sparrows have always inhabited Texas, but many researchers were surprised when the birds were found in the Rio Grande Delta. These birds have been pushed out of the native lands and found a better place to live in the nearly uninhabited Rio Grande Delta. There is also a large amount of animals that depend on the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge of the Bayhead Islands, and many Alta Mira Oriole’s have been saved by the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge here in Texas. The United States government has done a lot to help out the animals that have been harmed by humans, there is even a state funded reserve that covers 7.2 million acres in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Human interaction with the earth and its people is something that needs to be fixed. The earth is turning into a bad place and the use of refuges keeps it in its natural state. Florida has set up a wildlife refuge in the everglades that contains cypress swamp, marsh, saw grass, and tree island habitats. this area is used by many animals for their survival and it is all set up under the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project, they see the harming of the earth by humans as a problem but have found a way to start bringing the earth back to the way that it is meant to be for much of the animals that populate it. Mississippi has wetlands set up for the Sand hill Crane, which fell down to an isolated population of only 30 birds. The birds used a wetland and they have now brought their number to 100, this shows that the use of wetlands helps the survival of animals.

Many humans have done a lot to ensure the survival of many native animals. If more people would participate in feeding, more animals would survive. The Sand hill Crane is a bird that inhabits southern Oregon and they have been losing their nest to many natural predators that live in the areas that they live. Humans have stepped in and removed the predators that had been harming the Sand hill Cranes, allowing them to survive. There have been many times that oil spills caused by humans have harmed the land used by many different animals. It was found that the best way for these harmed areas is to completely burn down the land and let it regrow to a better state. This is a good way to put the earth back to the way it was meant to be, but requires a lot of time and the animals will lose their homes during that time.

Feeding and refuges are two of the best ways to help animals survive. Animals suffer dearly because of the way that humans treat the earth, and humans need to continue to help these animals survive or eventually we will all suffer. If the all of the animals in the world die, then there will be nothing left for humans to eat. If there is nothing to eat then all the humans will eventually die too.

Carson Einkauf TAMUCC